Handleidingen voor Office 365


Microsoft Outlook – What is Outlook?:

How To Setup An Out of Office Auto Reply:

Create appointments and meetings in Outlook:

Adding an email signature in Outlook:

How to Hyperlink an Email Address:

Share calendar and permissions:


Add and edit text in Microsoft Word:

Edit a PDF in Microsoft Word:

Insert a table in Microsoft Word:

Share your document in Microsoft Word:

Save a document in Microsoft Word:


Microsoft OneDrive – What is OneDrive?:

How do I use OneDrive with Office 365?:

How to restore your files with OneDrive:

How to share OneDrive files and folders:

How to enable local PC/laptop back-up:

Add Sharepoint site to OneDrive sync:

Sharepoint share document and block download:

Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams – What is Microsoft Teams?:

Private Chat and Channel Discussions:

How To Use Tabs in Microsoft Teams:

Filter your activity feed:

Organize your teams list:

Save a post or message:

Send email to a channel:

Turn a file into a tab:

Get attention with @mentions:

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